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What to Do When Everything Changes

Hi there, Savers! It’s nice to be back.

Change can be a good thing. I don’t just  mean quarters, nickels, dimes, and pennies – I mean life change. A promotion, getting married, relocating.

But, as we all know, sometimes change is bad.

My recent change was my husband becoming critically ill following a routine surgery.

Wow, and to think I was concerned about money BEFORE this happened!

With my husband being out of work indefinitely, and no short-term disability benefit, I’ve entered into somewhat of a fight or flight mode, financially speaking.

I’ve been pouring over our budget, our expenses, and our new (read: lower) income.

How does the saying go? From pressure comes diamonds?

That’s my hope – to use this nervous energy to create some diamonds. In the coming months I’ll be creating content based on my money-saving, and money-making endeavors from this terribly difficult time. I hope that I can help any of you who may be going through the same.

With that said, I hope I’m finding you all happy and healthy.

Happy saving!

~ Amanda

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