7 Ways to do Beauty on a Budget

When you think beauty and self-care, what comes to mind? Salons and barber shops? The spa? Manicures and pedicures?

All great places to address your “beauty” and self-care needs. But, this gets very expensive…very quickly.

If you’re like me and don’t have the extra money to frequent these places or stay stocked up on self-care products, then check out these 7 ways that I do beauty on a budget.

7 Ways to do beauty on a budget.

1) Skip the hair salon. IF you are daring enough, you can get beauty on a budget by cutting your own hair at home. It’s much easier to cut short hair at home, but you can cut long hair at home, too. It’ll take an upfront investment in haircutting tools; but, you’ll save money long-term.

For longer hair, this hairdressing shears kit for $14.98 is a good option. A typical long-hair cut costs around $40; so, a $15, one-time cost for this shears kit can save you a lot of money. For shorter hair, this hair clipper/trimmer kit for $29.99 is a good option.

I’ve used hairdressing shears and a razor-comb to cut my own hair at home in the past. I’ll be honest, I don’t cut my own hair anymore. I never had any self-hair-cutting disasters; I just prefer to have someone else do it.

2) Save with students. Not comfortable cutting your own hair? Then seek out others eager to learn.

In our town, we’re fortunate to have a Tony & Guy Hairdressing Academy, a college of dentistry, an accredited medical career training school with a massage therapy program, and an Academy of Cosmetology.

Programs like these have lots of students eager to hone their skills on real people for free or very low cost to you – it’s a win-win! So, be on the lookout for colleges, academies, universities, technical schools, etc. near you that offer student-provided services that you’re looking for. I mean, $25 for a 50-minute massage sure is better for my budget than $66 at the spa!

3) Reduce self-care product waste. Can’t get that last bit of concealer our of your bottle? Me neither.mostly empty bottle of concealer makeup

I can’t help but cringe when throwing away a container that still has plenty of my product in it…tucked away in the top/bottom/corners of the bottle…taunting me…like my concealer here. The middle is used up while the bottom and top of the tube still have lots of concealer packed in there.

I’ve tapped it, shaken it, hit it against my hand, crammed the wand into the bottle, etc. to get every little bit I can out of the container before throwing it away.

My efforts to get into the nooks and crannies of the bottle are not because I’m so hard-up for cash that I can’t afford a new concealer – it’s that I can’t stand the idea of throwing away perfectly good product that I’ve paid for, but am not able to get to in the bottle.

Don’t waste your beauty products! Get yourself a beauty spatula.

I love my beauty spatula. I can reach the nooks, crannies, and everything in between to get ALL of the product I paid for.

4) DIY. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again and again. Doing it yourself (DIY) can save money. DIY haircut, beard care, facial, manicure, pedicure…whatever self-care/beauty service it is. In most cases, you can do it yourself. Or, if you have a significant other, see if they might do it for you so you can save money and still feel pampered. I love a deep-heating paraffin treatment on my hands to soothe my skin and feel pampered at home.

5) MIY = Make it yourself.  Not only can you get beauty on a budget by opting to do your own beauty and self-care services at home. You can also make your own beauty and self-care products at home.

I’ve made my own lip balm using lip balm pots and four ingredients: shea butter, bees white lip balm in pot on countertopwax pellets, coconut oil, and essential oil. One batch yielded 50 lip balm pots and plenty of leftover ingredients to make more.

I’ve tried making my own deodorant…Savers, it was a fail. I’m not sure what I did wrong, but it never set up for me. So, it’s a MIY option, but didn’t work for me.

There are plenty of MIY beauty product recipes available online. Just use caution when MIY beauty products. Make sure the recipe and ingredients you’re using come from reputable sources. And, try just a small amount of anything you make first in case you have a skin reaction to it.

6) Buy second hand. There are plenty of gently-used beauty and self-care items just waiting for a new owner at your local second-hand shop. I frequent a locally-owned second-hand clothing store and our Goodwill to find next-to-new clothes when my wardrobe is in need of an update.

7) Sleep and hydrate! Our bodies need water and sleep – two things that are free (or nearly free if you have to purchase your water/water filters) that play a big part in our beauty and self-care routines. Talk about beauty on a budget! Getting a full night’s sleep and your recommended amount of water most days can help you to look and feel your best.

I hope some of these ideas help you meet your beauty and self-care needs while staying within your budget.

Take care, Savers!

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