Double- or Triple-Dip into Savings | Here’s How

Okay, so I liked this post so much that I wanted to file it away under ways to save money when shopping. So, here it is again, Savers….

Gone are the days of saving money with a mere, single coupon.

With so many money-saving, money-back, rewards, and rebate programs available, with a little extra time and effort, it’s easy to double- or triple-dip in savings!

My husband and I recently triple-dipped savings. How did we do it? Keep reading to find out what we did to triple-dip our savings, and other great ideas to maximize your savings on items you plan to purchase anyway.

But, before we go any further, what do I always say, Savers? Buying nothing saves more money than buying something. Don’t spend your money because it’s a ‘good deal.’ Make frugal money moves and get the most from your dollar on items you’re already planning to purchase.

How to Double- or Triple-Dip in Savings

1) Shop Through Swagbucks. Okay, if you haven’t noticed by now: I. LOVE. SWAGBUCKS. Seriously, Savers…If you don’t have Swagbucks by now, you are truly missing so many opportunities to save and earn money. Sign up now for FREE! (And earn a $5 sign up bonus)

When you’re planning to make a purchase, go to Swagbucks’ website or app, click ‘Shop,’ find and click the link for your store, then shop like usual. It’s that simple. AND, you don’t only have to shop online to save with Swagbucks – you can shop in stores and score great rewards and savings, too.

While I’m writing to you, I’m pulling double-duty and shopping on Walmart through Swagbucks to order family photos for my son’s family tree school project. I earned 2% back on my purchase that I had to make anyway. (And, you’d better believe I’ll be scoring bonus rewards by simply snapping a photo of my receipt. Keep reading to find out more about that.)

2) Earn Swagbucks by Walking into a Store. Seriously, Savers…Swagbucks is awesome. I’m obsessed, I know. You’ll have to sign up for Swagbucks to experience it for yourself. Another way to earn rewards with Swagbucks: Walk into a Swagbucks affiliated store. That’s it. Well, make sure you have internet enabled on your phone (at least long enough to score your Swagbucks) and you’ll get a notification to confirm you’re at the store and simply tap to collect a couple SB (that’s short for Swagbucks). It’s usually not a lot, 2-3 SB. But, it adds up!

Check out the notification I got when I walked into Walmart. All it takes is 1 tap and I earned 2 SB.

screen shot of cell phone with Swagbucks

3) Score Great Deals, Then Cash in On Your Receipts. Another great way to double-dip in savings is with Receipt Hog. Receipt Hog is a super easy way to earn rewards for the purchases you make. If you have a smart phone, download the Receipt Hog app for free through whichever app store pertains to you. After you sign up, you can easily start earning coins toward rewards by taking a photo of your receipts and answering 1-3 quick questions (seriously, it really is quick, no long surveys).

And, it’s not just grocery receipts that earn you coins. You can photo gas receipts, restaurant receipts, receipts from the brick and mortar stores, and the list goes on. So, the coins add up quickly. Check out my Receipt Hog below. I’m already at a $5 gift card – but, I think I’m going to keep saving my coins.

screen shot of the Receipt Hog app   screen shot of 1000 reward points receipt hog app

4) Rock those Member Rewards Programs. Whenever possible, join (free) member rewards programs! Most member rewards programs are free – think about Wegmans, Giant Eagle, Big Lots, Kohl’s, DSW Shoes, etc. These rewards programs are free to join, offer discounts on goods, and some stores send you $5-$10 in member rewards cash to spend. For example, DSW sends me a $10 gift card every year around my birthday.

Now, not to nag, Savers. But, I’ll say it again: don’t spend money on goods just because it’s “on sale for members” or because you have a coupon or gift card to apply toward your total! The $5-$10 gift cards are great for getting consumers into the store; but, how likely are you to ONLY spend the $5-$10??

Every year I get a new pair of sneakers; so, the $10 gift card from DSW goes toward something I need to buy anyway. And, of course, I also snap a pic of my receipt on Receipt Hog to double-dip my savings.

Okay, so as I mentioned a couple of times earlier, you can layer these savings strategies on top of each other!

Want to know how my husband and I triple-dipped?

We needed a new mattress and bed frame. Of course, we knew it’s a big purchase but the financial timing was right for us.

After doing some research so that we could make a frugal choice (i.e. get the best quality for the price; not simply the cheapest we could find), we found a king sized mattress and bed frame on Amazon.

Did we simply order it from Amazon? No! We’d be missing out on some major savings.
We went to ‘Shop’ in the Swagbucks app and selected Amazon. Purchasing at Amazon through Swagbucks automatically earned us 5% back in SB on our purchase. That meant $21.95 was coming back to us in the form of SB to use for a gift card to a store or a Visa gift card if we wanted to get “cash” back.

During checkout, we used our Amazon Mastercard to make our purchase – this earned us ANOTHER 5% back on this purchase bringing our savings up to $43.90.

Finally, we loaded our receipt onto Receipt Hog and earned enough coins to put us over the 1,000 point mark that earned us a $5 Amazon gift card.

Our total savings by triple-dipping on this single purchase that we were going to buy anyway: $48.90! Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that we sold our old bed for $50.

So, what do you think, can we consider that quadruple-dipping for a total savings of $98.90??

So, Savers, it pays to double, triple, or even quadruple-dip in savings. I hope these ideas help you get the most from your dollar.

Happy dipping, Savers!

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