Pink Valentine's heart box filled with money

How to Save Money this Valentine’s Day

Oh, Valentine's day. Whether you're treating yourself, rocking a Leslie Knope-style "Galentine's Day," or celebrating with your special someone, Valentine's day doesn't have to mean spending a lot of money. My husband and I don't do material gifts for each other - for Valentine's Day or any occasion for that matter, including our birthdays and … Continue reading How to Save Money this Valentine’s Day

Don’t Break the Bank Bringing a Dish to Share

If your parties and gatherings are like mine, you are often asked to bring a dish to share. Pot-luck style parties are great! When everyone brings a dish to share, the cost of hosting is spread out and everyone gets to sample a variety of new or different foods. But...when you have many pot-luck parties to go to, you can quickly feel it in your pocketbook...