Female hand on laptop and holding credit card while online shopping

Maximize Your Online-Shopping Savings

Greetings, Savers. I hope to find you healthy and adjusting okay to the changes that have happened in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Okay, I know this is off-brand for me here at DollarMost, but, as an occupational therapist, I feel compelled to include a quick blurb about our current state of living: During these … Continue reading Maximize Your Online-Shopping Savings

man holding many 50 dollar bills in his hands

Double- or Triple-Dip in Savings | Here’s How

Gone are the days of saving money with a mere, single coupon. With so many money-saving, money-back, rewards, and rebate programs available, with a little extra time and effort, it's easy to double- or triple-dip in savings! My husband and I recently triple-dipped savings. How did we do it? Keep reading to find out what … Continue reading Double- or Triple-Dip in Savings | Here’s How